Made in Norway

Timegrip is a wholly Norwegian owned and operated company. It is owned by the same three men who founded it, and they are still deeply involved in the company’s day-to-day operations.

All product development and project deliveries are done from the company’s premises in Oslo, and all services are hosted, operated and distributed online from the cloud platform located in Oslo. As its not entirely Norwegian name suggests, Timegrip has always had international ambitions. When the internet has no boundaries, why should we care about national borders?

We choose to see opportunities where others see limitations. Timegrip’ s services and apps are in use in more than a dozen countries and are used every day by more than 11,000 department managers and more than 150,000 employees in a range of business sectors.

On our journey, we have helped our customers to become compliant with national labor laws and collective agreements we had never heard of before they were presented to us. We have integrated our service with major international and small local IT systems we didn’t know existed.

We go to work every day as if it was our first.