Hanne Markussen Eek - CEO Franzefoss Minerals

Franzefoss Minerals

We are now in front of events instead of chasing them, and the automation and management support that Timegrip gives us have saved countless hours.

Franzefoss Minerals is the leading limestone mining company in Norway, with a strong focus on the environment. Through sustainable recovery of our limestone and dolomite deposits, we supply society with quality products adapted to our markets.

Franzefoss Minerals currently comprises four production facilities, a sales department, shared services and group management. Franzefoss Minerals is also the parent company of Verdalskalk and NorFraKalk.

Franzefoss Minerals has a great deal of plant and equipment, several production facilities and advanced logistics that are operated and managed in accordance with multiple quality standards. Franzefoss Minerals is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. With around 200 highly skilled employees, we produce and supply products and services that are critical for society in an environment-friendly way, and manage our resources in line with our social mission.


At Franzefoss Minerals, we used to have manual timesheets that acted as a time registration system, which created multiple sources of error that was difficult to follow up and improve.  So we initiated a formal process to procure a time registration system, and one of the companies invited to the process was Timegrip. They stood out early in the process, due to their enthusiasm and commitment, and they were willing to try a new customer segment – an industrial company.

When you are adapting an off-the-shelf solution to a new type of supply chain and business sector, you must be able to gain an oversight and ‘translate’ existing knowledge to new areas. Timegrip has this ability. This was absolutely decisive for us when choosing a time registration system supplier. We are a 100-year-old industrial company that has spent a long time building up our own special routines and agreements, and customised systems. So we need suppliers who are proactive, persevering and have a sound underlying competence that will enable them to understand new supply chains and businesses.


We chose to go for a customised Timegrip service, with multiple integrations and data exchange with our other core systems.

During the procurement project, Timegrip’ s professional consultants guided us through the various phases. It was important for us that Timegrip could ‘talk’ to our other personnel management systems, so that we achieved a seamless transfer of data. This was delivered, and has boosted the utility of both our new and existing systems.

The project was delivered as agreed and in accordance with the risk assessments that were performed along the way. Timegrip proved to be excellent advisors throughout the project.


Before we acquired the Timegrip system, we always had the feeling that our payroll was not entirely correct and that there were local variations in the way our complicated collective agreements were interpreted and applied.

All our collective agreements have now been implemented in Timegrip’ s payroll calculations, and the system automatically blocks and gives notice if something is not permitted.

This has given us a system that provides uniformity at all levels throughout the organisation. There is no longer any discussion about how rules or numbers should be interpreted, and salary corrections have practically been eliminated.

We are now in front of events instead of chasing them, and the automation and management support that Timegrip gives us have saved countless hours.


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Franzefoss Minerals’ fantastic employees have in-depth expertise in a number of mining-related areas. By implementing the Timegrip service and app, we have made a huge leap forward with regard to how we communicate with our workforce and involve them in the company’s operations.

Time-consuming tasks, like scheduling continuous operations, three-shift working, cargo ship loading and other additional tasks relating to our core business have become easier to communicate to employees. Clear shift plans and digitally documented timesheets have given the company a substantial boost with regard to predictability and accuracy when we run the payroll.


As a Norwegian industrial company, it is particularly pleasing that Timegrip – despite its international name and success – is a 100 per cent Norwegian company, with technology developed and operated in Norway. Choosing Norwegian is important for us in terms of service, follow-up, language and – not least – understanding the Norwegian salary model.

Hanne Markussen Eek

CEO – Franzefoss Minerals