Peppes Pizza

Implementing Timegrip in our restaurant is one of the best and easiest improvements I have made in the operation of Peppes Pizza Danmarksplass.

We are proud of our restaurant and it’s our belief, all false modesty aside, that we make the best pizza in the entire city of Bergen. We love giving our customers an excellent experience, whether they eat here or order a home delivery. In our team, we always try to reflect on the day that’s finished, what we could have done differently and what we can do better tomorrow.


Timegrip is easy to use for both those who are planning and managing working hours and all our individual team members. The system is very intuitive and easy to understand, with a clear and simple user guide to provide help.

We have a lot of young people and part-timers working for us. All our employees found it simple to learn how to use the service and the app. The young employees are extremely pleased with the app, and they are the most demanding ones. Having digital and automatically generated personnel lists saves us a lot of manual registration. And now all our employees can show the list to the authorities if they should arrive for an inspection there’s no need to stress.


I enter sales forecasts and quickly work out what our staffing level should be. KPIs and hours worked per day are generated automatically. I’ve eliminated a lot of manual tools and can keep financial control at an earlier stage without spending nearly as much time as I used to.

Now that I have all the functions I need in one single system, the effort I put into scheduling staff plans gives me much greater financial control.


Timegrip is perfect for restaurant operations, particularly combined with outdoor service, takeaway and home delivery using our own drivers in the way we do. It’s much easier to plan regular shift patterns for various groups and roles or tasks in the restaurant. Using a few simple codes, I can also allocate responsibility for various zones in the restaurant or to indoor and outdoor service on each individual shift.

Business in the restaurant changes constantly, and you have to be able to respond quickly; perhaps the weather changes or we go from a normal weekend to a bank holiday weekend. With Timegrip, we can respond rapidly to any such variations.

It’s easy to publish vacant shifts in the app, either directly from the manager’s app or from the desktop service. I can quickly cover vacant shifts if I need additional staff or someone calls in sick.

Timesheets and staff absence management

All my staff clock in and out using the app. The Timegrip service generates timesheets that can be processed much faster and more accurately. The auto-adjustment in the service means that I almost don’t have to process hours worked at all, and the fact that all my staff can write comments on their timesheets gives me an awful lot of management support when I do process them.

Hours worked are perishable commodities and should be handled immediately. We process all hours worked on a daily basis, so all employee timesheets are also accessible in the app. This creates a sense of calm and security because each employee can see the number of hours they will be paid for. As a result, everyone trusts each other, both us in management and all our staff.

Pay and employment

I spend a lot less time on the payroll than I used to. All hours worked are processed and ready for export to the payroll system when the period closes. I also have complete control over all sick leave taken, and get support from the service to deal with it.

During periods when we are taking on a lot of new staff, being able to manage the entire employment process electronically in Timegrip is fantastic. All employment contracts are then archived in the system. With everything in the same place, it couldn’t be easier.

Rune Stamnes, Restaurant manager, Peppes Danmarksplass