XXL uses Timegrip in the Nordics

Timegrip gives us full control and a complete overview of who is scheduled to be working where and at what times. It also allows us to keep track of actual hours registered and all personnel-related costs.

Our state-of-the-art central warehouses in Norway and Sweden are high-tech operations, and are an integral part of our retail business. To boost our competitiveness and beat our competitors in a tough market, we must work hard every day to cut costs and increase our productivity.

We invest in data systems and other technology, stock picking  tools and new means of transport. All to make our employees as efficient as possible, on both the goods inwards and dispatch sides. Goods are dispatched to our online purchasers at the same time as ordinary deliveries are sent to our various retail outlets.

Correct and efficient staff scheduling is more important than ever, because correct and efficient staffing is the key to success. We use Timegrip at all our retail outlets and central warehouses in the Nordics.

We can easily see how many hours have been worked in all departments and across departments, and we therefore have full, real-time control of our costs. We can quickly and easily increase the number of people at work by notifying qualified personnel of shift vacancies, for example in connection with seasonal variations.

Staff absence and sick leave follow-up

Timegrip has given us a unique opportunity to gain control of unplanned staff absences. We can see if anything stands out, spot trends when and where they arise.It gives us the chance to identify causes and implement specific remedies at an early stage.

We can adjust departments and alter processes and routines to combat absenteeism. In this way, we can keep more of our skilled employees at work, we recruit less and use fewer contract workers. That saves considerable sums of money. Our employees and their health and safety are extremely important to us. Good employees, with good health, boost our productivity.

Time saving

Both department managers and ordinary employees find Timegrip easy to use. Data flows easily through the system’s main processes. Work has become much simpler, and the reduction in the time it takes to run the payroll translates into a substantial cost saving.

Timegrip is fully integrated with our payroll systems, with imports of master data and exports of employees’ salary payment data.

As a result of this automation, we avoid a lot of manual inter-departmental cross-checking. All you have to do is ‘press a button’ and the whole payroll process is executed without any fuss. Getting salaries right every time is important for both XXL and our many employees.

Contented employees

All our employees use mobile apps for a multitude of purposes every day, and they naturally expect Timegrip’s functions to be app-enabled as well. The Timegrip app meets their requirement that we, as their employer, communicate in a modern and up-to-date manner and give them a better work-life balance.


The Timegrip service we use is adapted to warehouse operations and our operating style as well as our different collective agreements, which making everything easier. The system has a number of reports we use daily, and is also integrated with several of our other IT Systems.

We find that Timegrip as a supplier is responsive to us as a customer, and they deliver customizations to order when new needs appear.

Lars Lotherington

European Warehouse Manager XXL Sport & Villmark