Do you think managing staff absence is complicated?

Not with Timegrip.

Absence management

Manage holidays and absence. Sick leave administration and follow-up is handled automatically with Timegrip.

Holidays, compassionate leave and other absence, both paid and unpaid, are easy to manage with Timegrip.

With Timegrip, you no longer have to calculate self-certified sick days, relapses and what you as employer have a duty to cover or not. Timegrip calculates sick days automatically in accordance with sick pay regulations, and we provide support for Inclusive Working Life (IA) calculations if your company needs it.

You are automatically notified if an employee’s sick leave needs additional management, or compulsory follow-up meetings must be held.

If each employee’s holiday entitlement is entered at the start of the year, you will be able to keep track of how many holiday days have been used and how many each employee has left.

A selection of reports provides a complete overview of the absentee rate in your company and what kind of absences they are.


Benefits for managers

  • No manual calculation of sick days
  • Receive reminders of compulsory follow-up meetings with employees
  • Gain complete oversight of employees’ use of self-certified sick leave
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