Sales campaigns, staff meetings or summer party?

Keep track of all company activities with the event calendar.

Event calendar

Event calendar

Keep track of upcoming activities with the event calendar.

Every company must keep track of a great many tasks, activities and events. It is important to have the right number of staff at work on the days something special is happening.

Sales campaigns, staff meetings or the highpoint of the year – the works summer party? Timegrip’s event calendar helps you keep track.

The event calendar is a calendar function that gives you an overview of activities, events, campaigns and meetings throughout the year.  Activities can be defined using different colour codes and be scheduled for one or more department.

For organisations with a carefully planned annual schedule, all activities are entered in Timegrip at the start of the year. Department managers are therefore updated in advance, and can plan their staffing requirements accordingly.

Planned activities are displayed in the scheduling window, so that managers can adjust their plans to their activity and staffing needs.

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