Timegrip’ s hour registration function gives you a complete overview of employee timesheets as well as a correct basis for payroll calculations.

Hour registration

Hour registration

Are you tired of Excel-based timesheets and having to work out how much your employees should be paid? Let Timegrip do the job for you.

With Timegrip’s hour registration function, you avoid muddled timesheets and manual work.

Employees check in and out either via the Timegrip app or online at their workplace. A specific geolocation ensures that the employee is physically present at work when they check in via the app. You can therefore be certain that the times checked in and out are correct and the number of hours and allowances are calculated automatically.

All hours can be adjusted and corrected  with various activity codes to ensure correct salary payment.

When all the hours have been checked and approved, the salary data is transferred to your payroll system, either manually or via a system-to-system integration. All hours, overtime and allowances are calculated automatically, so running your payroll has never been easier.

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Benefits for employees

  • Simple check in and out
  • Write comments to managers
  • Correct salary

Benefits for manager

  • Avoid manual work
  • Correct hour registration
  • Manage absence, holidays and sick leave
  • See discrepancies between scheduled and actual hours worked
  • Simple transfer to payroll
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