With reliable and fully automated systems integration solutions, Timegrip ensures the transfer of precise and relevant data to and from other core systems and business applications, right out to where end-users draw up staffing schedules, record hours worked and calculate salaries.


We have experience of and support integration with a number of other systems.

Timegrip’s Enterprise clients want a complete solution that is integrated with their core systems and business applications containing master and productivity data, as well as access and security systems. The objective is to increase data integrity and create an optimal flow for the maintenance and amendment of data.

Automated and seamless integration enables Timegrip to release and promote the use of business data that is currently locked away in separate system, providing store managers and department managers with up-to-date decision support information when the staffing schedule is actually being drawn up. In the same way, Timegrip may export data to business intelligence and data warehousing, POS, HR and payroll systems through high-quality integration solutions.

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Timegrip’s integration engine offers services for synchronous and asynchronous data exchange via REST API, JSON, Soap Web Services, FTP(S) with CSV- and XML-files, as well as other standardised and non-standardised file formats and protocols like HTTP(S) and/or TCP.

  • Integration with HR or payroll systems to furnish the Timegrip service automatically with employee master data
  • Integration with productivity, business intelligence or data warehousing systems to furnish them with data from Timegrip, or to present your company’s unique performance indicators in Timegrip or combined with data from your Timegrip service.
  • Integration is implemented on the basis of the functionality offered by the third-party system. This could be done asynchronously using ‘old school’ CSV files like ‘scheduled tasks’, or synchronously using Timegrip’s rich library of APIs.
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