We believe that staff scheduling should be a simple process that doesn’t take up so much of your time.

Streamline your staff scheduling

Staff scheduling

Timegrip offers a number of functions that simplify and streamline your company’s staff scheduling process.

Timegrip’s functions streamlines the planning process, and gives you a complete overview of hours worked, costs and – not least – whether you have the right person in the right place at the right time.

Your staffing schedule can be fine-tuned down to the day, or be planned for an entire period at once. Once you have created a schedule you are satisfied with, it can be copied and reused forward in time. You can organise your employees in self-defined groups or areas of responsibility, sub departments or shift sets.

Create your own shift templates, add comments to shifts and manage requests from your employees, in one and the same planning window.

The schedule can be displayed by the week or several weeks together, so you can see the entire cycle in one. Swap between different display modes to see work and holiday schedules separately.


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Through the whole planning process, information is displayed on both hours worked and costs relating to each individual employee, for the department as a whole and in relation to your budget.

Once a staffing schedule has been completed and approved, all shifts are accessible in your employees’ app. Whether you want to make the entire monthly schedule visible at once, a couple of weeks at a time or a specified number of days is entirely up to you.

The schedule is automatically updated with any changes made, and you can notify your employees that it has been modified.

Do you need to quickly call in additional staff? Notify one or more employees of vacant shifts straight from your mobile phone.

Benefits for employee

  • Check in and out via the app
  • Real-time, updated work schedule
  • Request time off, shift swaps and vacant shifts
  • Greater predictability
  • Opportunity to influence their own work schedules

Benefits for manager

  • Simplified planning
  • Reuse of schedules or your regular shift cycle
  • Manage staff holiday or leave requests
  • Publish vacant shifts
  • Notify staff of changes to the work schedule
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