Timegrip’s pool function allows you to notify to multiple employees of vacant shifts.


With TGPool, employees can be notified of vacant shifts in multiple departments, with no geographic restrictions.

With Timegrip’s Pool function, TGPool, you can quickly cover vacant shifts and make better use of your company’s workforce.

Employees subscribe to and accept vacant shifts in departments where they don’t normally work, with no geographic restrictions. Employees can turn notices on and off, depending on their own wishes, needs and location.

TGPool gives managers a large number of employees to notify of vacant shifts if they need more people at work. By letting employees work across departments, you simplify the staffing process and reduce the need to hire additional temporary staff.

You can see who is looking for extra work in your department, and can publish vacant shifts both from your desktop and the app.

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Benefits for employees

  • Be notified of vacant shifts in several departments
  • No geographic restrictions
  • Work more when needed

Benefits for managers

  • Bigger pool of available employees
  • Need for fewer temporary staff
  • Simpler staffing process
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