Timegrip Enterprise is a service perfectly adapted to your company’s needs and delivered as a project. We have a wealth of experience derived from supplying over 500 projects, and our Enterprise service is in use in more than a dozen countries. All our Enterprise services are provided in your local language.

Examples of system adaptations:

  • Staffing periods not coinciding with the calendar month in accordance with your country’s employment laws or your company’s collective agreements.
  • Non-standard salary periods and basis of calculation in accordance with your company’s payroll process.
  • Rules for calculating the salary basis in accordance with your company’s remuneration model and workers’ employment contracts.
  • Reports tailored to your company’s unique performance indicators and operating periods.
  • Warnings and blockages to prevent work being scheduled in breach of local employment laws, employment contracts or collective agreements.
  • Termination routines that are unique for your company or meet other provisions.
  • Integration with HR and/or payroll systems to automatically furnish the Timegrip service with employee master data.
  • Integration with productivity, business intelligence or data warehousing systems to furnish them with data from Timegrip, or to calculate your company’s unique performance indicators in Timegrip or combined with data from your Timegrip service.
  • Integration is implemented on the basis of the functionality offered by the third-party system. This could be done asynchronously using ‘old school’ CSV files like ‘scheduled tasks’, or synchronously using Timegrip’s extensive library of APIs.

Timegrip Enterprise project.

Your Timegrip project will be safely delivered by our experienced and professional project managers and IT consultants. A mutually agreed project plan will ensure that the project is delivered at the right time and within budget.  Your Enterprise project will be delivered entirely on digital enterprise management platforms.

The project’s phases are:

  • Initiation and planning with the client
  • Analysis and design
  • Service set-up and agreed adaptations
  • Technical and functional testing
  • Client testing
  • Client acceptance and implementation
  • Acceptance period
Employee Manager

Benefits for employees

  • Check in and out via the app
  • Real-time, updated work schedule
  • Request time off, shift swaps and vacant shifts
  • Greater predictability
  • Opportunity to influence their own work schedules

Benefits for managers

  • Complete system for staff scheduling and time management
  • Simple payroll calculation
  • Easier to comply with the company’s rules and regulations
  • Management support to comply with laws and regulations

Features for Enterprise

Staff scheduling

Timegrip offers a number of functions that simplify and streamline your company’s staff...

Hour registration

Are you tired of Excel-based timesheets and having to work out how much your employees...

Mobile App

Let your employees’ check in and out of work and perform important tasks straight from...


We have experience of and support integration with a number of other systems.

Salary export

Import ready calculated data straight into your payroll system.

Employment contracts and eSignature

Digitally signed employment contracts with contract archive.


Import sales, payroll and time budgets into Timegrip and track how well you are performing...

Absence management

Manage holidays and absence. Sick leave administration and follow-up is handled...


Communicate easily with your employees via messages and the bulletin board in Timegrip


Get detailed information about hours worked, sick leave and salaries.


Keep track of productivity, salary percentage and hours worked.