Timegrip Standard

Timegrip Standard is the service if you want a plentiful array of functions.  Standard supports several collective agreements and salary rules for the correct calculation of salaries, allowances, and overtime.

Whether you are running a corner café or a larger organisation with many different departments, Timegrip Standard is quick to implement and gives you full control of your staff schedules, hours worked and payroll costs.

Timegrip’ s app for both employees and managers simplify the working day. The app displays constantly updated work schedules, so that your employees know when and where they are meant to be working. Communicate with your employees and perform day-to-day managerial tasks directly from your mobile phone.

Timegrip Standard contains all the functionality you need to make staff scheduling, time management and – not least – payroll calculation more efficient. With data export to your payroll system, you automate the entire payroll process, saving you a great deal of time and money.

Employee Manager

Benefits for employees

  • Check in and out via the app
  • Real-time, updated work schedule
  • Request time off, shift swaps and vacant shifts
  • Communicate with co-workers via the app

Benefits for managers

  • Complete system for staff scheduling and time management
  • Simple payroll calculation
  • Perform day-to-day tasks via the app
  • Keep track of performance indicators

Features in Timegrip Standard.

Staff scheduling

Timegrip offers a number of functions that simplify and streamline your company’s staff...

Hour registration

Are you tired of Excel-based timesheets and having to work out how much your employees...

Mobile App

Let your employees’ check in and out of work and perform important tasks straight from...


Communicate easily with your employees via messages and the bulletin board in Timegrip

Salary export

Import ready calculated data straight into your payroll system.


With TGPool, employees can be notified of vacant shifts in multiple departments, with no...


Med elektronisk personalliste er du sikret å kunne fremvise korrekt informasjon ved en...

Event calendar

Keep track of upcoming activities with the event calendar.

Absence management

Manage holidays and absence. Sick leave administration and follow-up is handled...


Import sales, payroll and time budgets into Timegrip and track how well you are performing...


The department’s webpage for checking in and out, and showing the updated staffing...


Keep track of productivity, salary percentage and hours worked.